Floating Hearts and Fluttering Butterfly
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butterfly flutters from heart to heart animated phone wallpaper

Butterfly and Hearts

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This fluttering butterfly flits from heart to heart in search of true love. Give the lovelorn butterfly a place to land on your cell phone for Valentine's Day... or any day! To download your free animated screensaver directly to your mobile via wi-fi or mobile internet, select the download button under the animation preview at from a mobile browser.

On the download selector page, choose the size that best fits your display and save it to your phone (usually in pictures folder). Apply as wallpaper background and/or screensaver... and enjoy!

Note: animated .gif - will not work as persistent background on Android phones.

By downloading, you agree to the terms of use. Click here for more detailed download instructions and terms of use.

Come back all year long for more free cell phone animations, screensavers and wallpaper backgrounds... and tell 'em where ya' got it!

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