Android Phone Screensavers and Live Wallpapers

Cellbits.com presents some of our most popular screensavers, ready to play on your Android phone as live wallpapers! Our screensaver apps fit most standard Android phone display sizes: 320x480, 480x800, 480x854, 540x960, 720x1280, 768x1280 and 1080x1920 pixels.

Abstract and Op Art

red and white ball and hoop 3d abstract animated background

Love & Hearts

animated flying hearts graphic for Android

Symbols and Icons

animated radiation hazard symbol live wallpaper app preview

Anime for Androids

anime woman closeup blinking eye animation

Scary Stuff

electric arcs and skull phone screensaver preview

Endless Kisses

romantic kiss android screensaver

Echo Rings

echoing colored rings live wallpaper preview

Hearts Rising

Android live wallpaper preview - heart shapes float up screen

Android Workout

Android mascot robot jumping jacks live wallpaper preview

Fading Squares

multi-colored rectangles random live wallpaper

Winter Wonderland

candy cane house and snow android screensaver

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