Aircraft and Aerospace Wallpapers for Android Phones

Add some wings, jet or rocket power to your Android with a high-flying avaition aerospace background! Select an image you like below to add it directly to your to your phone via mobile internet or wi-fi, and you're cleared for takeoff!

F-4 Phantoms Dawn Patrol mobile wallpaper preview

F-4 Dawn Patrol

A new Cellbits.com original aviation artwork.

SR-71 Blackbird free android phone wallpaper

SR-71 Blackbird

Retired, but still the world's fastest air-breathing manned aircraft.

C-17 jet transport photo

C-17 on Approach

Massive airlifter on final to Daugherty Field .

C-130 Spectre gunship free cell phone wallpaper picture


The "gunship" version of the legendary multi-purpose aircraft.

X-31 test aircraft wallpaper

X-31 Test Plane

The test platform for thrust-vectoring technology and more.

space shuttle photo

Space Shuttle Launch

The first re-usable manned spacecraft.

X-36 test aircraft preview


Remotely piloted 1/3 scale fighter jet design test platorm.

lunar lander research vehicle cell phone wallpaper preview

Lunar Landing Reseach Vehicle

The test and training platform that led to the successful moon landings.

Do you know the difference in sound between military and civilian aircraft? Do you look quickly to the sky when you hear the roar of afterburners? Do you like vintage and modern fighter jets? If your answer is yes to any or all of the above, then you've come to the right place. From the historic to the experimental, through air and space, our free aerospace Android phone wallpapers are designed to work with most standard display screen sizes. Check each image for available sizes.